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What you pay rF

We have very simple pricing model based on your plan’s total assets. As your plan grows, we’ll automatically apply discounts as you are eligible:

View our fee schedule.

What you pay the custodian

The custodian is the larger financial company that actually holds your retirement plan assets and executes all of our instructions and trading (i.e. TD Ameritrade, Schwab, Matrix, Fidelity, etc). This will cost 0.02-0.04%/yr.

What you pay the TPA & recordkeeper

The TPA is like the accountant of your plan and the recordkeeper keeps all the details and records. We try to use firms that perform both of these duties to streamline your costs. Your TPA costs will be 0-0.1%/yr of plan assets, plus $1,000-$10,000/yr flat fee, plus ancillary fees for one-time service items (view sample pricing sheet).

What you pay the investment managers

Since this is an open architecture plan, fund expenses could be anywhere in between 0.05-5%/yr. However, we recommend that you only choose the most cost efficient funds for your plan. For example, if you took our current recommendation and we averaged the cost of our moderate model portfolio your net cost would be ~0.44%/yr.


Example 1:

A Basic Safe Harbor 401k Plan with 5 participants and $250,000 plan asset total would cost:

Employer Fees:
1 – TPA flat fee: ~$1,750/yr.
2 – Individual fee for service items.

Employee Fees:
1 – 0.7% rF + 0.1% TPA + 0.04% Custodian = 0.84%
2 – Avg fund management fee = 0.5%
3 – Total ~1.34%/yr.

Example 2:

A Safe Harbor, Profit Sharing 401k Plan with 55 participants and $2,500,000 plan assets:

Employer Fees:
1 – TPA flat fee: ~$2,000/yr.
2 – Individual fee for service items.

Employee Fees:
1 – 0.60% rF + 0.1% TPA + 0.04% Custodian = 0.74%
2 – Avg fund management fee = 0.5%
3 – Total ~1.24%/yr.

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